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Know About Meil

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

Elevating Water Accessibility for Zanzibar’s Tomorrow
Zanzibar Drinking Water Project

Zanzibar, a beautiful group of islands in the Indian Ocean, is close to Tanzania and is an East African country. Being a semi-autonomous state of Tanzania, Zanzibar is known for its scenic beauty and rich history. Right now, it has embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its water supply systems. MEIL, renowned for its commitment to sustainable development, unfolds this pivotal project, "Rehabilitation and Improvement of Water Supply". Focused on Mfenesini and Dole towns, this initiative aims to revolutionize water infrastructure, addressing the pressing need for reliable and accessible drinking water.

Engineering Excellence in Action

MEIL's scope of work involves laying an extensive pipeline network spanning 180 kilometres using durable DI and HDPE materials. In Mfenesini, a ground-level reservoir with a capacity of 15 million litres takes shape, while Dole sees the construction of a 14 million litre reservoir. Additionally, two elevated reservoirs, each with a holding capacity of 4 million litres, two pump houses, 10 bore wells per town, and two block offices form part of the comprehensive plan.

Holistic Approach, Lasting Impact

Divided into multiple parts, the project spans drilling boreholes, establishing transmission mains, developing distribution networks, installing pumping machinery, implementing an HMI system (Human Machine Interface), providing site provisions, and executing electrical installations. We are also involved in constructing civil structures, including elevated and ground storage reservoirs, pump houses, and ancillary structures.

The project also includes providing water connections to 20,000 houses, ensuring communities benefit directly from this effort. Fire hydrants, powder chlorination plants, and water meters are integral components, emphasizing a comprehensive water supply and safety strategy.

Upgrading Water Infrastructure

MEIL is  establishing pumping stations and a primary gravity line to maintain the water flow. These installations are the guardians of efficiency and accessibility, ensuring that the gift of water reaches its intended recipients with ease and grace. Once the project is completed, it will sustain other socio-economic activities, including tourism, which significantly contributes to Zanzibar's economy.