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Know About Meil

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

Modernizing the Age Old Assam Renewal Project
Assam Renewal Project

The Assam Renewal Project, initiated by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) and executed by MEIL, focuses on the Lakwa fields of ONGC, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability. The primary goal was to revamp an ageing facility. With a forward-looking vision, MEIL embraced the challenge to modernize and enhance the system, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of the next 30 years.

Touching every facet

MEIL's scope of work in the Assam Renewal Project was extensive, involving the optimization of 21 installations into 9 integrated complexes and the transformation of an 800 KM pipeline network into a streamlined 467 KM network. From Group Gathering Stations (GGS) to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) storage plants, we touched every aspect of the project. Surveys, design, detailed engineering, procurement, transportation, fabrication, installation, testing, and commissioning – every step was excellently executed to bring the vision to life.

Eco-friendly Impact

The state-of-the-art technology we incorporated significantly contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. In the process of revamping the project, we ensure the prevention of climate pollution, setting a precedent for responsible and eco-friendly engineering practices.

This project involves the construction of 4 Group Gathering Stations, 2 Water Treatment Plants, 2 Water Injection Plants, 2 Compressed Natural Gas Storage Plants, 5 Captive Power Plants, and 1 Gas Dehydration Plant, which has been completed. Besides this, one of the crucial aspects of the project, a total of 541 pipeline segments spanning 564.26 km, were meticulously laid, with 418 segments commissioned, covering a distance of 446.961 km. 

Completing the Vision

Once the Assam Renewal Project enters its operational phase, the impact on the state's energy landscape is undeniable. Along with the ability to integrate cutting-edge technology, our commitment to excellence has revitalised infrastructure and laid the foundation for a sustainable energy legacy in the region.