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Engineering Excellence through Diversification:

India's economy witnessed a complete turnaround in 1990s because of the policies formulated by the government to ensure that the country keeps up with the evolving needs of the 'glogal village'. The policymakers focused on a balanced approach while embedding the essence of the most imperative terms like liberalization, privatization and globalization. This phase in the Indian economy recorded phenomenal growth in most sectors, especially infrastructure.

In the engineering infrastructure sector, a handful of small & midsize companies redefined the scope of their businesses by resorting to forward integration. As a case in point, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited(MEIL) - headquarted in Hyderabad, is one such company that is evolving as a global leader through its focus on project management & Engineering excellence. The January 2011 edition of Outlook Money stated that from among the unlisted companies featured, based on their financial turnover, MEIL competed with some of the major players in the industry like BSNL, Tata Teleservices, Bharati Infratel etc., to secure the 49th position in the country. At a regional level, the group is contending with AP Power Generation, and is placed in 2nd position.

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Irrigation projects - Gujarat & Karnataka (11th March 2011):

The advancements in the engineering sector have culminated in delivering huge benefits to irrigation projects. These technical advancements have guaranteed a steady improvement in the quality of projects completed in this sector. As a case in point, MEIL has competed with some international firms to obtain three irrigation projects worth Rs 556 crore from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL). The orders from SSNNL will be implemented in joint venture with SEW that involve construction of pumping stations (PS2 & PS3) and pump houses. Mr.Subbaiah, the Vice President of MEIL, confirmed that the projects are scheduled to be completed in 24 months. The aim of the project is to provide water for irrigational purposes, through lift-irrigation system, in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The project, in a comprehensive scale, has a discharging capacity of 20,000 cusecs and runs for a length of 385 kms. The Managing director of MEIL, Mr. Krishna Reddy, has assured that the projects will be completed on time along with adherence to strict quality standards.

MEIL has also bagged three projects from the Karnataka government valued at Rs 50 crore. These projects involve facilitating water for both drinking and irrigational purposes. A crucial part of the project entails a bulk water supply project to Basava Kalyan town in Bidar district, Karnataka.


MahaGenco contract (Oct 27, 2010):

MEIL, the engineering, construction and manufacturing giant, secured a Rs. 23.94 crore EPC contract from Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MahaGenco). The contract is for establishing and commissioning of MahaGenco's 2 MW Grid Interactive Solar PV Power project at Chandrapur Super Thermal Power campus. This set up in Chandrapur will be optimized with the installation of a solar power project with a capacity of 2 MW generated with the help of 20,000 solar panels. Each individual panel will have a production capacity of 1.7 million units.

The project will be implemented with the use of 'Thin-film' technology, which is the most advanced in this regard. The projected will be completed in various phases like design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, erection, testing & commissioning. The target for the completion of this project is 9 months. US-based 'Green Brilliance' and Spain-based 'Bio Sun' will provide assistance to MEIL in the technological aspects. Green Brilliance has already made a mark in our country by manufacturing photovoltaic panels - in partnership with MEIL, which carves up a 26% share. Green Brilliance has a production capacity of 15 MW which will, in partnership with MEIL, produce an additional 12 MW.


MEIL bags Rs. 765 crore solar project (27th November, 2010):

MEIL has been awarded the construction of a 50MW solar power plant, which is a component of the first phase of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). The project will be implemented on a build, operate, transfer (BOT) basis. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.765 crore that has to be operational in a span of 30 months.

The managing director of MEIL, Mr. PV Krishna Reddy, stated that the 114 million units of power to be generated by the proposed plant will be sold to the NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam, the nodal agency for implementing the first phase of JNNSM. He also confirmed that this would be the first project in the country to use concentrated solar power technology to produce power on a large scale. From an environmental perspective, the project will save carbon emissions to the tune of 85000 tons.


PURA Project (25th January, 2011):

The former president of India, Mr.Abdul Kalam, had an endearing dream to provide urban amenities and facilities in rural areas. His vision has become a reality when the government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to implement the PURA project (Provision of Urban amenities to Rural areas) and endowed the responsibility of implementing the prestigious venture to MEIL. In the starting phase, the project will be implemented in two villages: Ibrahimpatnam & Kondapalli. The project cost for the development of each village will be Rs. 120 crore. As the name suggests, the project in its totality aims at empowering rural India by including all the essential elements of infrastructural development. The project resonates with the benefits of participative management.

The government, in partnership with the local governance bodies, has kick-started nine sub-projects in the pilot phase. Started with the help of funds allocated by the 10th finance commission, eleven sub-projects – in total, have been implemented till now. The aim is to provide basic amenities along with the objective to generate productive employment. Mr.Pradeep Kumar, Director – MEIL, is glad that the company, through the PURA project, got an opportunity to bring smiles on the faces of our rural counterparts. The sarpanchs of Ibrahimpatnam and Kondapalli are gleaming with a hope that this project will change the fortune of their respective villages within a short span of time.


MEIL - Solar Power Plants (15th December 2010):

The future of power will be the future of renewable energy sources. With growing pressure on the importance to keep the environment clean, most governments are eager to pursue alternate sources of power that will be renewable and environment friendly. The Indian government has a target to achieve a capacity of at least 20 GW of solar power by the year 2022. To keep up with such changing trends, MEIL has recently ventured into solar power generation.

A total of 37 companies have been chosen for the construction of solar power plants. From the complete list, there are some major companies from Andhra Pradesh which were awarded these bids: Lanco Infratech, KVK energy ventures for the 100MW ventures; and MEIL & GPIL for the 50MW Though the initial costs are high, the company plans to beat the competition in terms of pricing by executing efficient methods in the process of mass production.


Hydrocarbons – Assam (17th March 2009):

MEIL has gained a number of strengths that have become innate through its ventures in the field of engineering. Its excellence has also enabled MEIL to foray into the hydrocarbons sector - to tap prospects in both offshore and onshore projects. This sector is a key derivative that directs the company's efforts and expertise in generating global prospects. Starting with the implementation of numerous renewable projects on EPC basis, the company proved to be competent with facilities for Separation, Crude Distillation and Desalting, Gas Dehydration, and Gas Compression.

The company is currently executing a revamping project of one of India's largest onshore oil and gas field facilities for Lakwa fields in Assam. Endowed with a spirit of adaptability, MEIL has also forayed into divisions like laying of Trunk Pipelines, Gas Power generation, Hydrocarbon effluent treatment, Storage Tanks, Structural and processing plant piping, Shut-down maintenance and revamp works.