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Transforming Uddanam's Fate With 24/7 Water Supply Revolution
Uddanam Drinking Water Project

A transformative initiative is unfolding in Uddanam, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, to supply drinking water to a community dealing with serious problems caused by polluted underground water.

Wave of Change

The region witnessed a surge in kidney diseases, affecting 35 thousand individuals in 2015 due to the contamination of underground water sources. The government, recognizing the urgency of the situation, launched a comprehensive initiative to provide safe drinking water to the residents of Uddanam. Spearheaded by the Jaljeevan Mission, a rural water supply scheme by the central government.

This project focuses on the Uddanam area, covering seven mandals – Vajrapu Kothuru, Palasa, Mandasa, Sompeta, Kaviti, Kanchili, and Ichapuram. It aims to bring relief to 807 habitations, with a population of 5,57,633 (as per the 2011 census) and an anticipated population of 7.82 lakhs by 2051.

Sustainable Water Source

The lifeline of this project is the Vamsadhara River water, sourced from the Hiramandalam Reservoir, with an impressive capacity of 19.359 thousand Million Cubic (TMC) feet. A substantial 1.12 TMC has been allocated to meet the drinking water needs of the region. The scale of this initiative is evident in the vast network of pipelines laid across the region. The project has a total pipeline length of 1,100 kilometers, including MS, DI, and HDPE pipelines, weighing 32,000 metric tons.

Four strategically located pump houses at Bhaliyaputtuga, Sahallaputtuga, Jalantharakota, and Peddanelavathi – houses of six pumping machines. What sets this project apart is the provision of multiple pumping machines for a confined area, a pioneering move in the realm of rural water schemes in India. One of its unique features is its dedication to providing a round-the-clock water supply, reflected in the design, with 22 hours of pumping.

Uddanam’s Resurgence

The second phase of this project includes an additional 200 kilometers of pipelines, benefiting an additional 4,00,000 people across five mandals – Ellampeta, Hiramandalam, Kothuru, Patapatnam, and Meliaputti.

Beyond the pipes, pumps, and reservoirs, the Uddanam Drinking Water Project is a lifeline for the people of this region. It promises health, prosperity, and a better quality of life. As the water flows through the intricate network, it carries not just H2O but the hopes and dreams of so many who have endured water scarcity's hardships for too long.