Community Health


MEIL's Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan:

Through this program the management has expressed their interest in partnering in the Swacch Bharat campaign introduced by the Central Government. The plan is to take up cleaning and hygiene activities in 50 villages in the near future. This continuous process will include a sponsorship amount ranging from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 from MEIL. This is a valuable extension to the various CSR activities taken up by MEIL Foundation.

One of the major goals of the mission is to create awareness against public defecation and build public toilets wherever necessary. The management is hopeful that the employees will participate in the mission proactively and fulfill the aforementioned objectives.


Mineral Water RO Plants:

The child mortality rate in Indian villages is alarmingly high due to water-borne diseases. In this regard, MEIL focuses on its water management projects on a daily basis to provide clean drinking water to crores of citizens across India.
At a micro level, the management has taken initiatives to set-up RO drinking plants in all the villages it has adopted. Through these plants, we ensure that every single drop of water that flows into the community is pure and disease-free.

Sponsoring Toilets:

Open defecation is the biggest curse that affects the lives of people living in villages. In addition to hygiene issues, it has an adverse effect on the image of the country in the eyes of outsiders. To counter this plight, MEIL has sponsored free toilets to more than 250 households in Paspula and Muraharidoddi villages of Telangana State.