Fast Track Projects

In the first quarter of this 2016, MEIL has dedicated four prestigious projects to the nation. MEIL has completed Sauni Yojana, Tanzania project, Mission Bhagiratha (Gajwel water grid), and Pattisam lift irrigation scheme within the time stipulated by the respective clients.

Additionally, in the power sector, the team has successfully commissioned 400 KV substation at NP Kunta in Andhra Pradesh.

By completing these projects, MEIL reached milestones that it had set for itself with regards to quality standards and completion timelines.

Sauni Yojana L1P3 Project:

On August 30th 2016, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi dedicated the Sauni Yojana Project (SYP-1) located in Gujarat to the nation. MEIL completed this project before the completion date.

Some of the major components of the project involve vertical turbine pumps which were installed with an objective to lift water to a height of 20 meters with 88% capacity.

This project will irrigate 20000 acres of farmlands in the districts of Rajkot, Jamnagar and Morbi districts of Gujarat.


Pattisam Project:

In India, no irrigation project has ever been completed on time. Usually, once the project crosses the completion date, it is accorded multiple extensions with regards to timelines and budgets. In such a situation, MEIL has completed Pattisam project in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh before the stipulated completion date.

Though the completion date of Pattisam lift irrigation project was March 28th 2016, MEIL completed the project on March 20th 2016. From a technological perspective, this is the largest lift irrigation project completed in Asia.


Mission Bhagiratha (Gajwel Segment):

On August 7th 2016, Gajwel water grid was started by the prime minister. This is the first drinking water project in the country to be completed before the completion date.

The project is designed to provide drinking water to 67000 households. To meet this objective, pipelines have been laid for a length of 1200 km. MEIL has also taken up the operation and maintenance of this project for a period of 10 years.


Dar-e-Salaam Project, Tanzania:

MEIL has successfully completed a drinking water project (construction of Upper Ruvu-Kimara Water Transmission and Kidamba Reservoir) in Tanzania, Africa.

In a bid to complete this project in 18 months, MEIL entered into an agreement with the Tanzanian government department, DAWASA, Dar-e-salaam.

Through this project, 70 million liters of drinking water will be provided to a town located 50 km. away.

This project was designed to cater to a population of 18 lakh people. The project scope also includes supply pipelines of 1600 km. along with the construction of 24 reservoirs of various capacities.


220/400 KV Substation NP Kunta Project:

The project scope includes construction of 220/400 kV substation at NP Kunta, Anantapur, AP, for external evacuation of power from solar park under AUMSP 1500 MW. The project client is Power Grid Corporation of India.

MEIL completed the project in 8 months, which was much before the stipulated timeline of 12 months. MEIL was honored with the ‘Best Debutant Award’ by the client for the successful completion of the project.