Spiral Welded Pipes


In the early seventies, the sharp rise in energy consumption, particularly in the area of natural gas, influenced the development of transmission of oil and gas through pipelines. This development has necessitated the use of spiral welded pipes with high strength materials of improved weld ability and toughness. Spiral welded pipes are extensively used worldwide for a wide range of engineering applications.
The Spiral Mill Division of MEIL is located in Gowdavalli, near Hyderabad. The plant was established and commissioned in October 2008. Within a short span of 6 months of start of operations, the unit achieved the API monogram certification.
Our pipe production ranges from 400mm to 3000mm in diameter, thickness from 6mm to 25mm, and material grading - API-5L up to Grade X-80 and IS grades. The quality of our products is indisputable. Spiral welded pipes have gained acceptance for excellent applications based on an independent assessment of the manufacturer’s technical capabilities.


Our facility has a Production capacity of 150,000 MT per annum. All processes in the unit are run using state-of-the-art technology to improve quality and reduce wastages in cycle-times. The technology and equipment for the Spiral mill are supplied by Jaewon Industrial Machinery Co Ltd, South Korea, and SHHM, China - which include Uncoiler, 1st leveler, Strip end cutting and joining, 2nd leveler, Edge milling, Main drive, Pre-bending, Main forming stand & run-out table.
SAW welding system is by Lincoln, Germany, Plasma cutting system for coil-end cutting & pipe cutting is by Hypertherm, Singapore, and weld and body ultrasonic system is by Sofratest, France.

spril welded

3LPE Coating Division:

The 3LPE (3 Layer Polyethylene) coating facility is located in the same vicinity. It is one of the few facilities in India to have a fully automated plant. Coating aims at enhancing the durability & corrosion resistance of the pipes. Our coating production ranges from 18” to 100” pipe diameter.
The first layer of the product is a fusion-bonded epoxy followed by a layer of co-polymer adhesive and topped by a polyethylene layer. The raw materials used in the process are procured from reputed suppliers to guarantee quality of final product in accordance to required specifications.
Internal coating: The internal surface cleaning machine is by Selmers, Netherlands. The internal blast cleaning system cleans the internal pipe surface with steel grit and shots to get the required roughness on the internal pipe surface. The automatic airless spray paint system by VR Coating, Pune, is a two component system that gives a uniform paint thickness on the inside of the pipe.