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Know About Meil

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

Touching Lives through engineering

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a multi-sector infrastructure company with a strong footprint across various sectors like hydrocarbons, electric buses, defence, telecom, power, transport, manufacturing, general and social infrastructure, irrigation, and drinking water.This $5bn company is taking giant strides globally. Leveraging the advantage of its strength in having a diversified portfolio in multifarious sectors, the company has made its presence felt in areas that have been key drivers of growth.

The company began as a fabrication unit with a few employees and has grown into a global engineering and infrastructure conglomerate. The company has, in its 32-year-journey, executed award-winning and record-breaking infrastructure marvels across different realms, and it sure has carved a niche for itself. Making innovation its middle name and adopting internationally proven technology to match Indian conditions, the company has blended technological excellence into its projects, leaving an indelible.

As a result, the MEIL has placed itself in a numero uno position by proving its capabilities in executing several engineering and infrastructure projects in the public and private sectors at a breakneck speed without compromising on quality. The MEIL grew multi-fold by acquiring different companies across the globe, over the years.

Our verticals & Projects

Our presence

Building beyond Boundaries

MEIL, a worldwide conglomerate in Hydrocarbons, Electric Vehicles, Transportation, Power, and Irrigation, is committed to enhancing lives by meeting crucial needs. Our comprehensive projects aim to improve the ordinary person's quality of life, delivering clean water, reliable transport, sustainable power, and beyond. Join our journey to create a positive global impact, making a better world for all.

Mission & Vision

Engineering Excellence, Empowering Lives

MEIL envisions empowering lives through an uncompromising commitment to superior infrastructure. We envision a future where every individual enjoys an enhanced quality of life, driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence in core infrastructure. Fuelled by teamwork, respect for new ideas, and a passion for innovation, we incorporate integrity in all we do. Our foundation rests on superior engineering, environmental responsibility, and social impact, propelling us towards a brighter tomorrow.

Awards & Accolades

Honours and Accolades for MEIL's Innovations

With our dedicated teams and technological expertise, MEIL has set a new standard of excellence. We have earned international recognition and prestigious awards for pioneering projects like the 50-MW Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant, Top 100 Innovative Infrastructure Projects for Canal-top Solar Power, and record-breaking achievements in substation construction. From ground breaking solar initiatives to the seamless integration of rivers, we are committed to innovation.