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Know About Meil

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

MEIL's MD Krishna Reddy visits Dhone DWS for a review
MEIL's MD Krishna Reddy Visits Gorukallu Reservoir for Review

Andhra Pradesh state Finance Minister Rajendranath and Megha Construction Company MD P.V. Krishna Reddy has recently shared updates on the ongoing initiatives to expedite the completion of the water grid project. The primary objective is to provide clean and safe drinking water to the residents of Bethancherla before the upcoming Sankranti festival. The plan involves transporting water from the Gorukallu Reservoir in Panyam to the newly constructed water treatment plant at Bugganipalle Thanda in Bethancherla, with a target completion around the Christmas season.

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Krishna Reddy, the MD of Megha Construction Company, assured the Minister of recruiting an additional 600 project managers, in-charges, coordinators, and workers within a week to accelerate the project's progress. To streamline operations, 20 teams will be appointed to complete six clusters, with plans to work in shifts.

Krishna Reddy further emphasized the importance of focusing on parallel tasks to expedite the overall project completion. He assured that the necessary resources for pump houses, railway crossings, brickwork, and electrical requirements for the water grid project will be promptly arranged within a week.

During the discussions, pending works in Balpalapalle, Bugganipalle, and Mugdhavaram areas were specifically addressed. Additionally, protective measures for the water pipeline near Sugali Metta were underscored as crucial. Krishna Reddy assured that if necessary, supplies would be procured from Vijayawada to counter any shortage of pipes, ensuring uninterrupted progress.

The program saw the participation of District Collector Manazir Jilani Samoon, District SP Raghuveer Reddy, project engineers, and government officials, signifying a collective effort towards the swift completion of this essential project.