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Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

Sakri Solar Power Project
Sakri Solar Power Project

Sakri Solar Power Project

Modern man is highly dependent on electricity for everything. So far, India mainly traditionally produces thermal and hydroelectricity. Coal reserves are steadily diminishing, and hydropower is not a dependable form of power with erratic rainfall and cost constraints.

To meet the power demand, it is necessary to undertake large-scale renewable power generation projects like wind and solar energy, as their benefits are unquestionable. The MEIL has executed a solar power project for the Government of Maharashtra.

The Sakri solar power plant in Maharashtra’s Dhule district is the largest solar project in the state. The MEIL created the infrastructure at Shivajinagar in Sakri taluk. The project has been generating electricity for Maharashtra for the past nine years. 

This project plays a vital role in self-sufficiency in non-conventional energy. It is in line with the worldwide efforts to combat global warming while meeting the growing power demands of the state. 

Since the MEIL began constructing this project at Shivajinagar, the non-agriculture area has undergone rapid transformation. The project has also generated employment opportunities for the locals.

The MEIL built a 50 MW (25 x 2) plant, based on the ‘Thin Film PhotoVoltaic Technology’ as part of the 125MW Sakri project. In total, 8,23,319 solar PV modules were installed. The MEIL will operate and maintain this project for ten years.

Project status: Completed