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Know About Meil

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

Pressure Vessel Division
Pressure Vessel Division Unit

The Pressure Vessel Division of the MEIL stands out as one of the best vessel makers in the country. The division caters to the requirements of various projects implemented by the company.

The vessel maker division, established in 2003, manufactures equipment that protects heavy-lift irrigation machines from surges, guards tunnel against collapsing, and rolls out storage tanks for the hydrocarbon industry. This division is located in Hyderabad, and it manufactures Concentrate Storage Tanks for the oil and natural gas industry.

It also makes high-capacity rolling machines, zero-velocity valves, three-phase separators, air receivers, water bath heaters, pre-heaters, manifold headers, knockout drums, water seal drums, CI vessels, PPD vessels, closed blowdown tanks, LP heaters, reactor columns, high- pressure shells, tube exchangers, heavy storage tanks and also carries out heavy structural fabrication work.

The ISO, U, and R Stamp-certified division manufactures surge protection equipment for MEIL’s irrigation projects. It also makes material handling equipment such as Electric Overhead Gantry cranes and rope drum hoists. It has supplied 200 vessels of different classes to clients across the country.

Its clientele includes marquee names such as ONGC, Vedanta, DRDO, EIL, and various State Governments.

Major inroads into manufacturing for refineries

The Pressure Vessel Division, which has successfully supplied key equipment to the Assam Renewal Project, has a huge order book for major refinery projects. The clients include IOCL and HPCL with plants in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Paradeep. The division will supply, core essentials for the oil refineries, such as vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, and heavy storage tanks and columns.

With its existing handling capacity of a whopping 1,000 MT per month, it has set the stage ready to meet any demand for its vessels to execute the refinery projects.

New Initiative PSA O2 Generators

Just in time, when the country faced a severe shortage of medical oxygen during the thick of the pandemic, this plant fabricated and rushed oxygen makers to hospitals. This is manufacturing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generators. The Oxylife Model–32 has a delivery capacity of 500 litres per minute. These PSA units can be directly put to use by hospitals as they utilise atmospheric air and produce lifesaving oxygen in a very short time.

What makes this division stand out?

The division has sent 800 MT of material to Zojila in J&K on the Northern-end of the country in the Himalayas for the speedy completion of the Zojila Pass Tunnel linking Srinagar with Leh in the Ladakh region.

Headgear assembly that sucks out muck and tunnel gantries that protect the ceiling from collapsing during a tunnel excavation were manufactured and sent from this plant. While the plant has all the necessary manufacturing equipment, it also procures essential materials from heavy-engineering suppliers like Jindal, ABB, Crompton Grieves, BHEL, Bharat Bijlee, and others.

The plant is equipped with all the essential machinery and is unparalleled in its competency in India.