Daily Sustenance


Bhojanamrita Program:

The lack of proper infrastructure and facilities in Government hospitals causes a lot of inconvenience to patients and their attendants.

MEIL, in collaboration with the ‘Hare Krishna Movement’ and the support of AP state government, initiated the ‘Bhojanamrita’ program, which aims at providing free mid-day meals to attendants of poor patients admitted in Government hospitals.

The meals are supplied from a mechanized kitchen facility in Hyderabad which is fully managed by the ‘Hare Krishna Movement’.

MEIL is currently sponsoring Bhojanamrita Program in Niloufer Hospital and Osmania Hospital.

Extension of Bhojanamrita Program to other Govt. Hospitals in Telangana

After the success of the Bhojanamrita Program in Niloufer Hospital and Osmania Hospital, MEIL with the competent support of Hare Krishna Movement extended the good work to other government hospitals in the state of Telangana.

As a part of this extension MEIL is providing free meals to almost 400 attendants (of patients) each at Nizamabad Government Hospital and Bhodan Government Hospital.


Saddimoota Program:

With the partnership between MEIL Foundation and Hare Krishna Movement emerging as a grand success, the management of MEIL decided to further the efforts by sponsoring a state government scheme called ‘Saddimoota’.

The Saddimoota program aims at providing subsidized mid-day meals to farmers and laborers in market-yards located across various towns in the state of Telangana.

MEIL is currently sponsoring Saddimoota Program in the towns of Siddipet, Gajwel, and Vantimamidi.


Special Diet Program(for children) at MNJ Hospital:

Cancer is a debilitating and deadly disease. In spite of advancements in medical science, treatment procedures for cancer like chemotherapy and radiation can be an excruciating experience.

As a part of MEIL’s vision to serve the society at large the management gave directives to work on an initiative to sponsor and provide special diet for children undergoing treatment at MNJ Cancer Hospital.