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Powering Progress, Transforming Lives

MEIL started its journey in 1989 as a fabrication unit under Megha Engineering Enterprises (MEE) in Hyderabad, India. By the mid-1990s, we ventured into water projects, gradually expanding our presence across different states during the 2000s. In 2006, we rebranded as Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) group Co. by excelling in quality, timely project completion, and global expansion.

Once a small business, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) has evolved into a global conglomerate with over 34 years of experience and a network of over 25 group companies. Today, we have a substantial line of projects in various sectors like irrigation, drinking water, manufacturing, e-mobility, transport, power and hydrocarbon sectors, valued at approximately $30 billion. We are helping the country's growth and creating jobs for youth in 20+ countries.

Our presence in diversified sectors

Starting with a fabrication unit, we executed drinking water projects nationwide. Once we transformed into MEIL, we are into multiple verticals like irrigation, drinking water, hydrocarbons, electric buses, communications, power, transport, manufacturing, and general and social infrastructure.

We are passionate about creating a sustainable and prosperous future through our innovative engineering practices, and innovation is at the core of everything we do. We embrace technological advancements and stay ahead of industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions. We are into multiple sectors like hydrocarbons, electric buses, communications, power, transport, manufacturing, general and social infrastructure, irrigation, and drinking water.


MEIL is a key player in implementing all kinds of irrigation projects and has an impressive track record of completing numerous projects within the stipulated time. Be it the world's largest multi-stage lift irrigation, Kaleshwaram project, Telangana or the Polavaram Irrigation Project, the world's biggest spillway, or any other project, MEIL will be revolutionising Indian agriculture by providing reliable irrigation solutions. We have constructed and completed the O&M of Asia's biggest drip irrigation project, Ramthal. 

Drinking Water

MEIL has a significant presence in transforming lives worldwide with its pioneering drinking water projects. Having experience in this sector for over three decades, we have built extensive infrastructure, including dams, reservoirs, and canals to meet rural and urban water needs.

We implemented projects in multiple countries like Tanzania, Rwanda and Zanzibar to expand our reach. The Mission Bhagiratha benefits millions in Telangana. Similar success stories echo in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharastra, Bihar and Karnataka, where sustainable water solutions uplift communities.

Highways & Tunnels

MEIL has been actively involved in several significant road projects and built over 700 kms of highways across the country. We excel in swift construction, even in demanding environments like the Himalayas, as demonstrated by our successful completion of projects like the Zojila tunnel at an altitude of 11,575 feet.

MEIL is executing a lot of crucial segments in Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh built under Bharatmala Pariyojana. We actively shaped the Mahasamriddhi Marg and constructed a notable part of the 8-lane highway connecting Nagpur and Mumbai. MEIL's investments in these projects amount to $4 billion.

Ports & Railways

The transport advancements also extend to railways, as seen in the Chardham Railway Tunnel, India's longest and highest railway tunnel. Covering 32 km between Rishikesh and Karnaprayag, this tunnel is a significant endeavour for MEIL. It is executing an underground bullet railway station beneath Mumbai's Bandra-Kurla complex for The National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited. This underground railway station is equipped with six floors at a depth of 24 meters, and it uses modern Japanese Shinkansen technology in executing this project.

The maritime transport sector is also thriving, with the Machilipatnam greenfield port. Boasting an estimated capacity of 35 million metric tons for exports and imports, it signifies a positive development in the maritime industry.


MEIL holds a special place in manufacturing things, especially for industries. Megha Fiber Glass Industries Limited (MFGIL) makes world-class pipes from materials like MS pipes, HDPE pipes, GRE & GRP pipes and even fibreglass. Our Spiral Mill Division received the API Monogram within just six months of starting the work. This certification shows they make good stuff that follows certain quality standards.


One of our group companies, iCOMM, is one of India's largest firms in product designing, engineering development and turnkey solutions for the telecom sector. It has a State-of-the-art Telecom wireless & wire line equipment manufacturing unit and technology centre, Conductors, Transformers, Solar Manufacturing & the world's largest capacity tower manufacturing facility of 250,000MT per annum to meet the market demands of Power, Telecom, Infrastructure and Solar Sectors.


MEIL contributes to the country's progress, addressing the increasing need for a reliable electricity supply. With a commitment to energy efficiency and innovation, we have achieved excellence in generating power through hydropower, thermal energy, and renewable sources.

Remarkable projects across India, like the Canal-top solar power project, Lambadugh Hydro Power Project, WUPPTCL, Gas Insulated Stations, were executed by MEIL. Its expertise in power transmission, distribution and substations is evident through our record-breaking achievements in completing projects. We take pride in constructing India's first 50 MW thermal solar power plant in Anantapur.


MEIL plays a crucial role in strengthening India's oil and gas resources, thereby reducing import dependency. We are internationally renowned in the oil & gas exploration sector with Drillmec and Petreven SpA for manufacturing drilling rigs, developing drilling technology and oil well servicing.

Whether it's on-shore or off-shore, upstream, midstream or downstream, our precise project execution enhances energy security. The upstream sector involves designing & manufacturing state-of-the-art oil rigs. Drillmec, a subsidiary company of MEIL, owns and operates an advanced series of rigs across the world. It has rig manufacturing units in India, Italy, the USA, and Belarus. It has manufactured and supplied more than 500 drilling rigs across the globe for on-shore and off-shore activities. Petreven SpA, another subsidiary of the MEIL family, looks into the maintenance and servicing of rigs to improve the productivity of oil wells and the operation of rigs.

In the midstream, the laying of oil & gas pipelines, processing facilities, and gas-based power plants was executed by MEIL. Downstream sectors involve the distribution and utility of oil & gases. Megha Gas, a subsidiary of MEIL, supplies green fuels such as Piped Natural Gas (PNG) for domestic, commercial, and industrial consumers and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for vehicles by establishing CNG stations.


MEIL's commitment extends to e-vehicles too. We manufacture electric buses through its subsidiary, Olectra Greentech Limited, contributing to a cleaner environment. These buses operate in 27 cities across the country, reducing carbon emissions by 16,000 metric tons annually. EVEY Trans, another MEIL subsidiary, operates these electric buses. Impressively, the company has received orders for an additional 9390 buses across 56 cities.

Honors & Recognitions

With our teams' dedication and technological expertise, MEIL has established a remarkable benchmark of excellence. Our pioneering projects, such as the 50-MW Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant, the Canal-top Solar Power project ranked among the Top 100 Innovative Infrastructure Projects, and our record-breaking substation construction achievements have earned us international recognition and prestigious awards. We got into the Limca and Asia Book of records for the NambulaPulakunta substation completion within time. From forging new paths in solar innovation to effortlessly interlinking the flow of rivers, we are committed to innovation.

Creating Sustainable Change

On its remarkable 34-year journey of nation-building through infrastructure, MEIL has remained unwavering in its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company's dedication to societal well-being encompasses a diverse range of initiatives. These include promoting education and self-employment by establishing the MEIL Foundation training centre at Bhootpur, Telangana and setting up orphanages in Warangal.

MEIL has enhanced infrastructure in rural development by constructing vital bridges and actively participating in village adoption programs. Furthermore, the company contributes to healthcare by developing an Oncology block at NIMS, Hyderabad, and improving community health through the provision of sanitation facilities and clean drinking water.

Eradicating hunger and poverty is another core focus, with MEIL providing free food for patient attendants at Government Hospitals through programs like Bhojanamrita, Saddimoota, and special diet initiatives. MEIL's holistic approach to CSR underscores its commitment to contribute to the well-being of society and the environment.