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Drillmec and Petreven

State-of-the-art oil rig

Drillmec S.p.A and Petreven S.p.A, the two global subsidiaries of the MEIL, have a business worth nearly USD 1 billion a year and a multi-billion-dollar order book. They manufacture drilling rigs and ancillary equipment and develop automated hydraulic and blowout-prevention technologies for efficient drilling activities in the oil and gas fields. In addition, they provide direct and indirect employment to 15,000 graduates, engineers, technicians and others in the hydrocarbons sector. They operate in over 80 countries across Europe, America, and Asia.


Drillmec S.p.A is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying drilling and workover rigs for onshore and offshore applications and a wide range of spare parts for drilling equipment. It also developed advanced land drilling rigs with a capacity of 2,000 HP, which can drill up to 6,000 meter's from the earth’s surface at high speeds and are safe.  The company, which was incorporated under the laws of Italy having its registered office at Podenzano PC, Italy, was acquired by the MEIL group in 2020.

In any Geography

Drillmec has established records by completing ambitious projects in any geography, such as the ocean's depths and underground, on time with international standards. In addition, it is credited with being the first in Asia to introduce heavy rigs such as automatic pipe handling with an advanced HH200 (11-200) hydraulic hoist facility. It has more than 40 internationally reputed hydrocarbons companies as its clients, including Total, Shell, Kieran, ONTC, British Petrol, and others, and has delivered close to 600 drilling rigs.

Learning Centre

The company is establishing an oil rig manufacturing hub in Hyderabad, Telangana. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Telangana and will invest over USD 200 million in the upcoming facility. This hub will have manufacturing, research and development and a centre of excellence facility. The centre of excellence will impart knowledge, skill and training, specifically related to the manufacturing process of oil drilling and research on the overall hydrocarbon sector.


Petreven S.p.A is a worldwide rig management company founded in 1998 in Venezuela. The company is into drilling and managing operations in the oil and gas sector worldwide. The strategy behind the drilling services is to develop a project, creating together with the client a dedicated working team, able to design a "fit-for-purpose" drilling rig to enhance productivity and add value to the field operations. It owns more than 20 advanced oil rigs in use. It is widespread in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Italy, Algeria, Indonesia, and India. In addition, it has rig management business offices in Cesna, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and India.

The MEIL’s wholly-owned companies Drillmec and Petreven have expanded their drilling and business to extract oil and gas worldwide. It is pushing its position to make India proud globally.


Project Status: Ongoing