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Geleki Assam Pipeline (GAP)
Geleki Assam Pipeline (GAP)

Geleki Assam Pipeline

The MEIL has proven its skill in the natural gas and oil sector by completing and commissioning complex projects ahead of time. The company’s hydrocarbon division completed the refinery and related works using advanced technology. It established a gas production unit in Assam to cater to the North-Eastern States.

Massive pipeline network for ONGC

The company’s hydrocarbons division is laying a 425-km-long pipeline network for the ONGC at Geleki in the Shibsagar district of Assam. The pipeline is nearing completion and will interconnect the 230 oil and gas wells with the Gas Gathering Stations (GGS)- 1, 2, and 3. In addition to laying the pipeline to three GGS, it also provides field manifolds. The company has completed laying an 85-km-long pipeline in GGS-1 and installed manifolds in GCP.

Assam Renewal Project (ARP) for ONGC

In the Assam Renewal Project, the company completed the crucial Gas Gathering Station (GGS) construction using the latest advanced technology and handed it over to the ONGC. The GGS consists of separators used to separate gas, diesel, and other by-products from the extracted crude. The company also constructed storage and supply structures sustainably. 


Project Status: Completed