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Know About Meil

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) is a $5bn multi-sector infrastructure company from India taking giant strides globally.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)
Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plants

With the oil refining sector in India catching pace, the MEIL has made its mark in the industry. The company has established three Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) in Mehsana, Gujarat---the North Kadi ETP treats 3,000 cubic meters of effluents daily, and the Becharaji and Shobhasan plants treat 1,500 cubic meters of effluents daily.

The MEIL is involved in the operation and maintenance of these centres. In addition, it laid a GRE Pipeline network to integrate Gas Gathering Stations (GGS) or Gas Collecting Stations (GCS), and the effluents from these centres are delivered to the ETP plants for separation.

ONGC Plant in Rajahmundry Asset

The MEIL manages the Rajahmundry Asset oil and gas field for the ONGC. The company has built ETPs in Kesanapally, Gopavaram and Lingala of Andhra Pradesh, on par with global standards. These ETPs efficiently separate effluents from crude oil in three phases. In these ETP centres, oil is separated from water and then supplied to the ONGC. The treated water at the Kesanapally plant gets discharged into the sea through an HDPE pipeline. Water purified at the Gopavaram centre is pumped to the oil wells, while the purified water from the Lingala plant is supplied to the ONGC. This project’s operation and maintenance are with the company for the next seven years.

Advanced System Sobhasen ETP

The company has set up a Gas Gathering Station (GGS) - II at the ONGC asset in Shobhasan, Mehsana, Gujarat. The plant treats 1,500 cubic metres of effluents daily at 65 cubic metres per hour. The company has set up 36 machines that continuously move the waste. The effluents get treated in various stages. After treatment, the greywater is stored in two tanks of 1,000 cubic metres each and then discharged into the empty ONGC wells. This method maintains the balance of oil deposits. The plant is equipped with two 400 kV generators to overcome power outages.


Project Status: Completed